Thursday, November 12, 2009

6 days overdue and pink cupcakes!

Well, I am still pregnant! 6 days overdue and trying hard not to be frustrated with all the discomfort. Probably the hardest thing about being overdue is having the pain of being 9 months pregnant extended indefinitely and knowing that each day that passes also delays recovery yet another day. I so wanted to be healed up good by Thanksgiving but it does not look like that is going to happen since it usually takes me 2 weeks to get the worst of it over with and Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today! I do however have SO MUCH to be thankful for this year and will look forward this special holiday regardless of whether or not we get to celebrate it the way we normally would. I cannot wait to have all 4 of my children with me and this will be our first holiday as a family of 6 with or without all the special trimmings! I decided tonight that it would be fun to help pass the time by letting the kids help me make pink birthday cupcakes to take to the hospital. They loved it! I think Sissy is going to be quite the cook one day. She handled the mixer excellently for a 2 year old girl:-). The boys favorite part was of course the eggs.
The finished product. Come on Mercy! We don't want your cupcakes to go bad before you get here!


Saige said...

With both my kids, I fried chicken and made potato salad as I was beginning labor. It's gonna be my "come on baby, hurry up" food this time as well. Maybe the cupcakes will have the same charm for you!

The Rich Family said...

I sure hope so Saige! I am so happy for you and David expecting your 3rd blessing! Hope you start feeling better soon!