Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mercy's Story

After Grace was born, I, Daniel, wrote the story of Lindsay's labor and delivery. I suppose I will continue that tradition and tell Mercy's story as well.

We know that each and every child is different, unique in it's own way. What we did not expect was that each pregnancy/labor/delivery was also completely different. This one set records and threw us curve balls.

Lindsay Laboring
Most of you probably remember that - almost exactly - one year ago (November 10th, 2008) Lindsay and I lost a child due to miscarriage. Then, right at Christmas last year, we lost a 2nd child. These were tough times for us (especially Lindsay) trying to understand both spiritually and physically why. But then - God had mercy (compassion) on us and allowed Lindsay to become pregnant again and carry the baby full term! We thought it would be a neat testimony if our Mercy would be born on November 10th - one year after the first miscarriage. But God had different plans. No dwelling in the past, He gave us a New Day (November 15th, 2009)

So, as I said, this pregnancy and delivery was different. Here is how. All our past pregnancies, Lindsay had few, if any, Braxton hicks contractions and once her labor started, she really went fast! It was less than 3 hours with Grace.

This pregnancy, Lindsay was having contractions off and on for weeks. None of them were strong. None of them did we think she was in labor. It was just different. We had everyone prepped for a fast labor and delivery. Dr. Roberts was going to "sprint to the hospital" (these were his words, which we thought was funny since he had broken his foot)! My parents were going to race down here to help with the kids and because we didn't think they would make it soon enough, we had 3 or 4 people on call ready to come keep the kids.

Baby Mercy Soon After Birth
On Lindsay's due date, Nov. 6th, Lindsay was not quite ready to give birth. She was in full swing "nesting stage" and her "nest" was not quite prepared. My honey-do-list which I had been putting off for months needed to be completed. I am ashamed to say that I had not even completed the girls nursery by Lindsay's due date. I was painting and hanging curtains and Lindsay was deep cleaning and decorating. Lindsay was so intent on having a beautiful "nest" that she even rested when she thought she may have had a contraction. However, by the 9th, the honey-do-list was complete and we were ready for the baby to come! We were sure it would come on the 10th. But the baby didn't come on the 10th, nor the 11th, nor the 12th. We're not superstitions, but we really didn't want it to be born on Friday the 13th. So, it was more of a relief that we made it through that day. I was proud of Lindsay. She really did not get that impatient. Although she was ready for the baby to come - she handled being past due pretty well.

Nana Holding Baby Mercy

Saturday the 14th came. Lindsay's friend Kimmy (who was due a little after Lindsay was) had just had her baby. Lindsay went to visit, then. . . She jumped on the trampoline. She took evening primrose oil. She took castor oil. We went for a long walk. When I drove, I tried to hit every pothole. She jumped up and down in the family room. We also tried something I won't mention.
During our walk, around 4:30 P.M. she started feeling a few light contractions! We decided to go get dinner right then. We had to cut dinner short because the contractions were starting to come more rapidly and a little stronger. We were sure this was it! By around 7:00 we put our plan into motion. My parents, who were at a fundraiser for the Wade Center, left immediately! We called Dr. Roberts and apprised him of the situation! Everything was in full swing. . . then Lindsay labor seemed to be slowing down. Perhaps even stopping. What is going on? This has never happened!

The New Family Photo!

In the heat of the moment, my parents forgot their cloths and everything else, and they were wearing dressy cloths. My dad took the Kids back to Bluefield. My mom slept on the couch thinking that at any second we would come down the stairs heading for the hospital.

Finally, at 6:00 A.M. Sunday the 16th, we decided she was far enough along to go to the hospital. She was not in much pain. The contractions were very manageable. They were regular at every 4 min. apart. I think the only person to sleep good that night was me. Everyone else, including the doctor was ready to go.

After arriving at the hospital, the nurse checked Lindsay right away. Lindsay was only 4 cm. dilated and 60% effaced. We were kind of disappointed. We stayed in the room and talked and laughed. Lindsay and I took a couple of walks down the halls. We visited Kimmy, who was still in her room.

Finally, at 1:00, Dr. Roberts informed us that Lindsay was at 8 cm. and fully effaced and had been that way for about 1.5 hrs. He suggested that we break Lindsay's water. We agreed to allow this to be done. Lindsay even laughed a little during the conversation. The nurse was amazed and how much Lindsay had it together!

Dr. Roberts broke Lindsay's water and less than 15 min. later I was staring at my new daughter! What a precious little girl! I had been praying for a quick, painless delivery for Lindsay. I think God knows best. Overall Lindsay was in labor for 22.5 hrs. so it was not quick. But, up until the last 15 min. - the pain was not unbearable for her! What mercy God had on us! What an answer to prayer!

Isaac, James, and Grace came tornadoing into the room just a couple hours later to visit their new sister. Isaac was eager to help, offering to carry Mercy everywhere she needed to go and just dieing to hold her. James was James. He doesn't show much emotion. But I think he was excited about it too! Grace just pointed and said, "baby." She had her baby doll. So there was "Mommy's baby" and "Sissy's baby." (We still call Grace, "Sissy")

Baby Mercy (Our Newest Blessing)

Again, I am amazed at this miracle of birth and the gift of life. I am so happy that God has entrusted us with this little girl. She is so beautiful. I believe that she will grow to become a powerful woman of God!

Thank you so much Lord for these blessings you have given us! Thank you for rewarding us with this little girl! Help us to train up our children in the way they should go. Help us to sharpen them into straight arrows that will be used effectively for Your kingdom!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on bringing forth another girl in the family. I look forward to meeting my new niece! - Josh

Paola said...

I enjoyed so much reading this post!!! I can't wait to see her!

Dustin said...

What a beautiful Blog Daniel! Little Mercy is so fortunate to be in the arms of so much love - congratulations to you both!
Dustin Eshelman

A Love Worth Waiting For said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful! What a beautiful reminder of God's "Mercy" and Love for us!

Best Life said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations.

I love your blog. Lisa~

Carson Clan said...

Congratulations on Mercy - she is beautiful! I love her whole story and that her name reflects the journey to her birth.

That is really funny how we delivered on the same day and had similar labors. Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Mercy is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to meet her and hold her! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Mercy is so beautiful! I can't wait to meet her and hold her!


Saige said...

Daniel and Lindsay, I just wanted to say Congratulations! and thanks for posting this. I have a friend who just had a miscarriage--her second child--and though she is beginning to feel better now, she has been so discouraged. When I was telling her you guys' story, I mentioned that it was November 10th of last year and she said, "That was the day of my procedure" (the baby had died a day or two before). I thought it was so weird that the same date would occur in her life as well. I'm just praying for her that next year at this time, she'll be holding her own gift of God's mercy!
You guys make a cute family of 6!