Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nesting or Decorating?

Yes, I know the baby countdown box is now saying -1 day since my due date! That is because I am still pregnant! I am going to try to get my mind off of it though by writing a post about decorating! A little while ago I put a status update on facebook about having trouble decorating our living room. To be honest I am not at all a natural at decorating and have found it difficult to decorate my whole house! Sometimes I will go somewhere like Ross and think I have found the perfect thing but end up having to take it back because I bring it home and it looks awful! My taste is definitely farmhouse/antique decor but we live in a classic style house in a subdivision so I have tried my best to incorpotate the 2 looks into something that still goes with this house. I will post a few pics of what I have done to the living room so far. PLEASE give me any and all suggestions! We've done alot to our kitchen lately and as soon as it is completely done I will post pictures of it too!
I found this picture last year at a thrift store for $7.00! It looked horrible when I bought it but once I refinished the frame with a dark walnut stain I really liked it. It is very old and may look dingy to some people but I think it goes well in our living room. the basket was a gift from my recent baby shower and is used as my husbands place to come in and throw his wallet, cell phone, and keys ect. The LOVE frame was a recent find at Ross for $4.99. It was so perfect to put our first picture together at age 14 in! The beautiful piano was given to us by Nana and Pops. Someone left it in their storage buildings and never came to claim it. This antique desk I bought from my aunt Debbie when I was a teengaer. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture! I have pictures of our family surrounding our monogram "R" hanging above it. I keep our wedding album displayed on top of it. In an effort to make our house better accomodate 6 people I got Daniel to put up alot more hooks by the front door! There is one up high for adults and one down low for our 4 kids:-). I am loving the way it is keeping out house so much less cluttered looking with everyones coats and bags not thrown everywhere. The beige colored ottomon to the right of the piano is where we keep diapers and wipes handy and out of sight! I know my rugs are too small for this room but we probably won't invest in bigger ones since large rugs can get really expensive and we do plan to sell this house in the next few years.I had one empty wall that looked really odd but didn't want to spend the money for a nice picture so I decided to put a verse here instead. This verse very much goes with our family!This is the wood stove Daniel recently bought to heat our house with this winter! I can't wait to sit by a real fire! The 2 walls on either side were empty looking so I bought blue willow plates for $3 each at TJ Maxx to hang on each side. Our kitchen is open to this room and these plates coordinate well with the kitchen decor. The rocking chair you see was at the Goodwill for just $25.00 A chair cushion from target was all it needed to add another comfy seat to the living room. I love the country look of rocking chairs! OK, I need advice! Are these chocolate valances enough or later on should I buy the panels that match them to put under the valances? And that corner to the left, is it too empty? Does it need a plant or something? This bookcase was in Daniels room when he was growing up and I have always loved it! The cabinets underneath hold all the kids puzzels and games while the top holds alot of our books as well as the willow tree collection and a favorite decor item of mine, kerosene lamps!

Ok, now that you have seen our living room I am ready to hear all of your idea's and suggestions!



I'm not good at decorating either so I can't give any helpful advice but I do love the desk with the picture frames above it! I wish I could copy that.

Megan said...

Ross is one of my favorite stores too! I am loving TJMAXX's new clearance aisles. Some awesome finds in there. Got some Christmas shopping done today in that aisle alone! I love the mix of old and new in your house. The hooks on the wall are a really good idea and I want to try that here. I would get a ten dollar palm tree at Walmart for that corner. They are cheap, take up a good amount of space, and grow quickly! SO cute and praying for Mercy to come soon!

The Rich Family said...

Thanks for the palm tree tip Megan! I will have to go to Walmart and look at those. I would still love for you to come over when you get the time once Mercy is born. Just let me know when works for you!