Thursday, February 04, 2010

Boy did I need to be reminded of this!!

Homeschooling is all about relationships. It’s about math and reading and sentence diagramming and geography and all those things too, but all these things amount to nothing in God’s eyes if we don’t raise children of character ready to tackle big enterprises for the Lord. If you sometimes feel like homeschooling or parenting is drudgery, you can bet your kids feel the same way. It’s such a temptation to stress out over things like teaching predicate nominatives or the steps of division that we forget to delight in our children and make time to enjoy being with them. We have found through our now 35 years of parenting and 30 years of home schooling that this is actually the key to instilling values that stick and building in your kids a heart for things of the Lord. Foundational to preparing your child to do great things you need to focus on your relationship with each child individually. When your relationship with your kids is right, they will respond to your attempts to make learning fun.

~ Marilyn Boyer

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