Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Filled Week with Family!

Last weekend Grandma and Grandpa Bradfield (my parents) drove up with my sisters family to celebrate James' birthday and it ended up working out for my sisters family to stay over for a few days.  We were glad to get some time with them and the cousins had so much fun together! 

the 4 oldest cousins watching netflix in our bedroom!

Daniel and Michael holding the babies at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center 
Lauren and I took the kids to Carol Lee's to get a doughnut
Grandma likes to buy all the grandkids matching outfit at the Childrens Place Outlet:-)
Playing in the sand pit at the Hand in Hand Park 
Mercy is so blessed that cousin Taylor is only 8 weeks older than her!
We took this photo just to prove that we did it. Lauren and I drove around town all week with 6 kids packed in the back of a mini van:-)

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Amanda said...

it looks like ya'll had a blast!!! :) all of the kids are so sweet together! tell James I said "Happy late Birthday!!" :)