Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A week of dating and loving eachother

This week Daniel and I sent 2 of our kids to GA and 2 to Bluefield so that we could enjoy a week alone together and also to allow me some time to plan for our upcoming homeschool year. We miss our children very much but know just important times like this are for our marriage. We are so thankful to our parents for giving us this time. Sunday night we went to a movie together, Tuesday night we went to the real estate investors club together, and today we took a canoe trip. Daniel and I made quite a canoe team and we loved every minute of it! We traveled 7 miles up the New River and got a nice workout while enjoying the beautiful scenery and eachother:-) I just love the outdoors! We have a hiking/camping trip planned for tomorrow night and while Daniel loved canoeing, he is not crazy about hiking but is willing to do it for me...What an incredible husband! 

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