Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soccer Season, Fall 2010

Our family has participated in soccer for several seasons now! I don't know much of anything about soccer but it is my hubby's favorite sport and the one he was good at growing up. We just finished up a wonderful Fall soccer season! We never had a game cancelled this season due to rain which was a first for us. It was very hectic since we started out with 3 kids on 3 different teams. We eventually had to take Grace off her team mid-season because she was just wasn't ready and we couldn't handle all the game schedules colliding. Managing just 2 teams was much easier! Mercy did so well at all the soccer games. She sat so contently while her siblings played their games! Daniel coached Isaac's U8 team and James's U6 team and he did a great job. I really enjoyed watching the coach:-)

                                                    Isaac age 6, 5th season of soccer!

James age 5, 4th season of soccer!

                                              Grace age 3, 1st season of soccer!