Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Update

   I can't believe I have not updated the blog since soccer season... I keep meaning to do better with the blog but somehow as a busy Mom of 4, time always alludes me! 2010 has been a year of building for us, building our business and our family! We continue to live in Christiansburg, VA in the same house we bought while Daniel was at VT, though we are quickly outgrowing it and are on the lookout for a great deal on some land for our children to run and play on! We are getting ready to conclude our 3rd year of business and we continue marvel at Gods faithfulness towards us! When we began having children, Daniel only had 1 year left of completing a degree in Civil Engineering at VT and we thought we had all of our ducks in a row with a promising career ahead. Little did we know that in 2008 we would be stripped of our income with a 2 week notice and start a business after expanding our family to include 5 members! This has not been an easy road and this year did not prove much easier but we continue to watch Rich Investment Group grow and have peace knowing that this is what God has called our family to do. Now for an update on all the members of the Rich family!

       Daniels life is pretty much consumed by being the husband, father, provider and spiritual leader of our family. He works very hard to build our business and puts a tremendous amount of time into it. He enjoys attending the Roanoke Real Estate Investors Club every Tuesday night and attends ministry training classes 2 mornings a week at our church. He enjoys going on weekend men's retreats with our church every Fall and Spring. He enjoyed coaching both Isaac and James's soccer teams this past Fall. When he gets time to socialize he mostly enjoys doing so with his family.  Never a dull moment when we're all together! I am so proud of him and all that he pours into building the Rich family and the Rich family business.  He is my prize and I still love him with all my heart after almost 13 years of being together!

     As for me, I love being a wife to my best friend and homeschool mom even more than I dreamed I would as a teenager! I stay very busy driving everyone around and am on my feet most of the day but I love my life!  It is fast-paced and requires a ton of energy but overall, teaching and training 4 kids at home is such a  privilege and I give God all the glory for allowing me to live the life of my dreams!  I am trying hard to help Daniel more with the business. In addition to being a wife and Mom I love getting together with friends as well as hiking, running, scrapbooking, writing our love story and skiing. I also love participating in childrens ministry at our Church and drinking in all the wonderful teaching!

    Our firstborn son Isaac is now 6 years old and the cutest toothless first grader you ever saw! He is still the life of the party around here and I have a feeling he always will be. He is very social and loves people. He is my right hand around the house and helps out tremendously, even changing diapers! His love for his family is very obvious. He loves to be with us and is always asking if we can "do something as a family" Soooo precious! His extracurricular activities include Awanas At TBC, swimming on the H2okies swim team and playing soccer for coach Daddy during soccer seasons.

   Our second born son James is now 5 years old and in kindergarten though he is able to do much of the same schoolwork that Isaac does. He is very smart and is a real boy in every sense of the word. He loves playmobile knights, playing the wii, being outdoors, and almost any SPORT! Like Isaac he also participates in Awana's, soccer, and swimming for the H2okies. He is also very helpful around the house and continues to be the chief dishwasher unloader for our family. He and Isaac are the very best of friends and we can often hear them talking late at night. He is still affectionately referred to as "Bubba" in our family:-)

    Our 3rd born daughter Grace will be turning 4 in March and is growing into quite a beautiful princess. She started school at Cedarwood Mennonite Preschool in the Fall, 3 days a week and really loves it there. She attends speech/developmental therapy once a week and continues to imrpove with her speech and language development. Her favorite things to do are cooking with Mommy and taking care of Mercy (much to Mercy's chagrin:-), playing with her baby dolls and going to the aquatic center. She puts on her pretend wedding dress almost everyday and calls herself a princess, and that she is!

     Our 4th born daughter Mercy is now 13 months old and quite a doll! She is our most petite child yet and still wears a size 6-9 months clothes in spite of her hefty appetite! She recently began standing and it is the cutest thing ever to see someone so tiny standing. She is still just as laid back as ever but is getting quite a funny personality and enjoys being the baby of the family. She is our joy and she knows it!

That is all for now... please forgive any puncuation errors since I wrote this in a hurry.  Happy New Year from the Rich family!


Amanda Joy Swift said...

cute post. Love your new years picture...who took it?

Leah-Joy said...

Sounds busy and great!

Thank you for your comment on my blog! Thank you for your encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Nice to have u back! Love your blog!

Deborah said...

How quickly time has gone by!! Your baby is one year and you've been married 13??!!!!
I am so proud of you and so very happy for you. You and Daniel and the Lord are quite a threesome. Keep the Faith - Keep working hard. What a harvest there will be!!

Amanda said...

Your picture at the top is BEAUTIFUL, Lindsay!!!! I love it! The kids look adorable!