Friday, March 25, 2011

Mercy's New Room

I just saw Lyndsie's post about nursery idea's and that really interested me! I am still working on Mercy's nursery even though she is 16 months old. I thought I wanted her and Grace (almost 4) to share a room but we saw that it just was not working out very well with their naps. Grace's room also didn't really have enough wall space for a bed and dresser for both of them without being too crowded. This is Mercy's bedding and I just love it! I have always loved toile fabrics and I think this will look really great once we get her walls painted. Daniel and I just moved Mercy into her new room 2 weeks ago and I have already hung pictures and decorated everything except for painting the stripes. We are planning to paint wide pink and white stripes on the walls. Lyndsie actually has a picture of this idea on her blog! I was even more excited about it after actually seeing a picture of what it is going to look like. My favorite thing in Mercy's room is a black and white brush stroke picture of Mercy that we framed to go above her changing table. It looks so sweet! I am tempted to post pictures now but I am going to wait until we get the stripes painted. I always wanted a beautiful set of good quality nursery furniture, but that has never fit into our budget. Mercy's crib isn't beautiful but we were able to buy it used for $50! I paid only $25 for her changing table/dresser at a yard sale which you will see later:-)
This is a picture of Mercy's bed and bedding
when it was still in Grace's room. We
are using the same curtains and
bedding in Mercy's new room.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dinner On the Fly!

Today I am linking up with my friend Lyndsie for her weekly post titled "Mondays Meals." I Thought I would share this meal with you all. My family really enjoyed it and it fit my criteria for most all of the meals I make now...  HEALTHY, EASY and CHEAP! This is perfect for Awana nights or Swim nights.

You will need:
          1 bag of boil in the bag brown rice (boils in 10 minutes)
       1 bag of organic fresh mixed vegetables (steamed)
     2 lbs.  of boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I use organic)
3 T. olive oil
                            2 garlic cloves, minced (I cheat by using the kind already minced in a jar)
4 T. white cooking wine
4 T. soy sauce
 3 T. Dijon mustard

 While rice is boiling and vegetables are steaming on stove-top, heat oil in large skillet over med-high heat. Add garlic; saute' until browned. In med bowl, mix wine, soy sauce and mustard. Pour over chicken. Cover. Reduce heat to med; simmer until chicken is cooked through. Arrange rice and vegetables onto a large platter, pour chicken on top of rice. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip to GA for Nanny Bradfield's funeral

We went to GA over the weekend to attend a funeral for my Grandmother, Edna Marie Bradfield. Sadly enough, my grandmother never fully surrendered her life to the Lord and because of that she struggled to be the wife and mother that she could have been. She was 75 years old and I really didn't know her that well.  She was the youngest child of a family with 13 children and was raised by an abusive, alcoholic father.  She had a lot of problems from her past but  her children and grandchildren knew that she did love them. I am obviously very thankful to her for giving birth to my wonderful Dad! There was a large turnout at the funeral home Friday night and on Saturday she had a graveside service out on the Bradfield family property which my Dad and his older brother both officiated.  My Dad was able to share a powerful message of salvation to many lost relatives! She was buried in the family cemetery next to my Grandfather who died almost 9 years ago. Following the service we all walked down to my uncle Paul's house for dinner and it was nice to see many relatives that I had not seen in years. 
My Mom and Mercy laughing with Aunt Joyce (my grandfathers sister)
My younger sister Lauren, not looking:-)
My Dad with his brothers and sister.
Left to right. Uncle Steve, My Dad, Aunt Starr, and
Uncle Paul

My sister Paola is the
photographer in the family
and she loves to take
pictures of people when
they aren't looking:-)

The Bradfield siblings with their spouses
Sweet little Grace!
My Dad helped his younger brother
Paul build a beautiful house overlooking
the lake my Grandfather dug himself on the
family property. Daniel enjoyed giving all the kids
canoe rides after dinner.
My Mom with My Grandmother's sister,
Christine.  Aunt Christine is the last sibling
living in her family.  
The Entire Bradfield family (minus 2 of  Uncle Steve's kids, not sure why they didn't make it into the photo! poor Mercy is also hidden)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mercy's 15 months check-up and James's Lincoln Log Bunkhouse

This little cutie had her 15 month check-up today! It was pouring down rain and a horrible day to have her out but at least I was able to take her directly after dropping Grace off at Pre-school. I took her to Dr. Bradford at Carillion Hospital since I had been a little concerned about her not growing enough. She was only in the 5th percentile for height and weight on our last visit. This time she was in the 8th percentile for height and 5 percentile for weight. She only weighed 17 pounds, but her doctor said she is a perfectly healthy tiny girl that is built just like her mama:-). She did suggest that I start feeding her more high fat foods though. We really don't keep a lot of high calorie food in our house but I am going to start adding more real butter to her breads and get her some whole organic yogurt. She drinks organic whole milk from Krogers because I have yet to find a source of fresh farm milk! I am still looking for one though because I know the thick cream would be so good for her.

All bathed and ready for her check-up!
James and I built this tall bunkhouse last night
for his Playmobil knights to sleep in and use for their battles.
He was so excited about it!
 I love watching the way James play, He is SO cute!!! 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I just love this song!

The Big Day! May 24, 2003
I keep hearing this song on the radio and it so reminds me of Daniel and I. We weren't 19 and 21 but we were young! We were both 19! This song brings tears to my eye's just listening to it. 
Our 5th Anniversary, May 2008

It also made me think of my wonderful, Godly Grandparents
who also married young (20 and 18). They
 lived out 65+ years of a Godly marriage and became
known as the "Notebook Couple" among
employee's at the facility where my Grandmother
spent her last days. What I would give for one
more day with them! 

Monday, March 07, 2011

A winter to remember ~ Skiing with the kids.

This winter Isaac, James and I were blessed to be able to take ski lessons and go skiing several times in West Virginia. Unfortunately, James only got to go twice before he broke his leg...More on that later! Daniel was too busy with the business to come with us but he did go on Valentines Day which was so fun!

               Skiing is definitely at the top of my list of favorite things to do and it is the same for Isaac! We had a blast together this winter. A couple times we even went out on a date after skiing and that was very special for both of us:-) Daniel and I try hard to date all of our kids. It is amazing the more you do this, to see how much they will open up to you and share what is on their hearts. Tonight Isaac and I talked about everything from answering his questions about spiritual things, as well as church and his friendships. The older he gets, the deeper and longer our conversations get...I love it! 
This boy can fly!
Isaac learned to ski with no polls but begged all winter to use poles
so I finally let him try mine today. He wasn't as impressed with them
as he thought he would be:-)

Getting ready to head down the mountain!
He was not afraid to do anything! 

Trying to get a picture on the lift!

We felt like sitting by a fire after skiing so we went to
Cracker Barrel for our date. 
He was so cute on our date that I just wanted to sit there and stare into
those big blue eye's forever! 

Isaac's Ice Cream

Isaac made me an ice cream and it was so cute I just had to share it! Play dough is a favorite around the Rich house.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Valentine Party

We got together with many of our friends and had a valentine party at the aquatic center. The kids were so excited about this and it was a lot of fun! We made it there with all their homemade valentines and they had a blast swimming followed by 1 hour in the party room to exchange valentines and eat goodies.

Issac and Annalia

                                                                          My beautiful friend Alison and her son.                                                                                      

Above: Our sweet valentine baby, Mercy. Below: Grace munching a sugar cookie!

Making Homemade Valentines

The kids put so much time into making homemade valentines for their friends. I bought construction paper, pink and red doilies, stickers, and candy for the kids to glue to their valentines. They had so much fun and made a huge mess with this on the days leading up to Valentine's Day! The homemade valentines turned out so cute though, I was proud of them! 

Valentine Cupcake Making at the Rich House

Every Friday night in the Rich family is "Family Night". We always try to do something as a family and usually that includes ice cream or some other dessert! The Friday night before Valentines day I thought it would be fun for us to decorate Valentine Cupcakes together as a family. I baked the cupcakes Friday afternoon and sat them on the table along with icing and all kinds of edible decorations when we came home from the Aquatic Center Friday night. The kids thought this activity was the greatest! 
Left: Daddy elected not to put any candy on his, so did Mommy! 
As you can see... The kids cupcake's were loaded with some of everything I had on the table! 

After we were done, Daniel and 3 of our kids enjoyed wrestling while James enjoyed being silly under the table since he had a broken leg.