Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I just love this song!

The Big Day! May 24, 2003
I keep hearing this song on the radio and it so reminds me of Daniel and I. We weren't 19 and 21 but we were young! We were both 19! This song brings tears to my eye's just listening to it. 
Our 5th Anniversary, May 2008

It also made me think of my wonderful, Godly Grandparents
who also married young (20 and 18). They
 lived out 65+ years of a Godly marriage and became
known as the "Notebook Couple" among
employee's at the facility where my Grandmother
spent her last days. What I would give for one
more day with them! 


A Southern Love said...

I'd never heard that song until now. How very sweet!! Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful family :)

Amy and Kyle Brooker

Katie said...

Never heard that song before - so sweet. you guys have such a beautiful relationship!