Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip to GA for Nanny Bradfield's funeral

We went to GA over the weekend to attend a funeral for my Grandmother, Edna Marie Bradfield. Sadly enough, my grandmother never fully surrendered her life to the Lord and because of that she struggled to be the wife and mother that she could have been. She was 75 years old and I really didn't know her that well.  She was the youngest child of a family with 13 children and was raised by an abusive, alcoholic father.  She had a lot of problems from her past but  her children and grandchildren knew that she did love them. I am obviously very thankful to her for giving birth to my wonderful Dad! There was a large turnout at the funeral home Friday night and on Saturday she had a graveside service out on the Bradfield family property which my Dad and his older brother both officiated.  My Dad was able to share a powerful message of salvation to many lost relatives! She was buried in the family cemetery next to my Grandfather who died almost 9 years ago. Following the service we all walked down to my uncle Paul's house for dinner and it was nice to see many relatives that I had not seen in years. 
My Mom and Mercy laughing with Aunt Joyce (my grandfathers sister)
My younger sister Lauren, not looking:-)
My Dad with his brothers and sister.
Left to right. Uncle Steve, My Dad, Aunt Starr, and
Uncle Paul

My sister Paola is the
photographer in the family
and she loves to take
pictures of people when
they aren't looking:-)

The Bradfield siblings with their spouses
Sweet little Grace!
My Dad helped his younger brother
Paul build a beautiful house overlooking
the lake my Grandfather dug himself on the
family property. Daniel enjoyed giving all the kids
canoe rides after dinner.
My Mom with My Grandmother's sister,
Christine.  Aunt Christine is the last sibling
living in her family.  
The Entire Bradfield family (minus 2 of  Uncle Steve's kids, not sure why they didn't make it into the photo! poor Mercy is also hidden)


Amanda said...

Oh Lindsay, I am so sorry about your grandmother... :(

Hope your family is doing well through this...
I can't believe your grandfather dug the lake himself! That is so cool!
I'm sure the kids had fun!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

So sorry about the loss of your grandmother. Hope you are all doing well!