Monday, March 07, 2011

A winter to remember ~ Skiing with the kids.

This winter Isaac, James and I were blessed to be able to take ski lessons and go skiing several times in West Virginia. Unfortunately, James only got to go twice before he broke his leg...More on that later! Daniel was too busy with the business to come with us but he did go on Valentines Day which was so fun!

               Skiing is definitely at the top of my list of favorite things to do and it is the same for Isaac! We had a blast together this winter. A couple times we even went out on a date after skiing and that was very special for both of us:-) Daniel and I try hard to date all of our kids. It is amazing the more you do this, to see how much they will open up to you and share what is on their hearts. Tonight Isaac and I talked about everything from answering his questions about spiritual things, as well as church and his friendships. The older he gets, the deeper and longer our conversations get...I love it! 
This boy can fly!
Isaac learned to ski with no polls but begged all winter to use poles
so I finally let him try mine today. He wasn't as impressed with them
as he thought he would be:-)

Getting ready to head down the mountain!
He was not afraid to do anything! 

Trying to get a picture on the lift!

We felt like sitting by a fire after skiing so we went to
Cracker Barrel for our date. 
He was so cute on our date that I just wanted to sit there and stare into
those big blue eye's forever! 

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Amanda said...

i love this post. Isaacc is adorable! I bet he is great at skiing. I love skiing and can't wait to do it again!