Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Giving one of my greatest desires to God

Have you ever wanted something so bad? Two years ago when Isaac turned 5 and James turned 4 years old I started really wanting some land for them to grow up on. Isaac recently turned 7 and James will turn 6 this summer and it does not look like there is any land in our near future. Now that we have 4 children and the weather is warming up, it has been weighing on my mind even more. I have decided that every time I think I think about it, I am going to pray for Gods will in this matter! God knows how much I want some land and He knows how much I want the boys to grow up on it, not get it when they are preteens or teenagers. I know that it is all in Gods hands and that He has the perfect land picked out for our family. 

The land I grew up on in GA, where my parents still live. 

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