Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ben and Shelley Harris' Wedding Reception

 These photo's were taken at Ben and Shelley Harris's wedding reception earlier this summer. It was so beautiful! Ben and Shelley rode in on a horse to the barn their reception was held at and gave their testimony about how God brought them together a little later in life, rather than sooner. They have such a great story! As you can see, Our kids had a blast! Grace was starry eyed and kept telling everyone that Shelley was a princess (wondering if I might have a little girl as excited about marriage and family as I was:-).

 Unbeknownst to us, Isaac had brought his cell phone (my old one) to show his friends:-)

 Grace with Timothy Phlegar
  Daniel and I were part of a house church for the first 3 years of our marriage called "Trading Church" that Ben's family was also a part of. Ben was a little older than Daniel and Bethany about a year younger than me. We always greatly admired their family and the others in the home fellowship. We were able to establish some lifelong friends during that 3 years! Below are some of the old "Trading Church Girls" Left to right: Myself, Kimmy Bears, Bev Taylor and Bethany Harris. I love these 3 girls dearly!

Daniel and I with our sweet little Mercy

 The lovely Bride and Groom of the Evening! Ben and Shelley

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