Friday, September 09, 2011

Ever feel that your dreams are just falling apart?

Today is a beautiful, cool day. Just the kind of day I would love nothing more than to sit on my front porch and watch my children run here, there and everywhere exploring the land that we just can't have. Our finances won't allow for it. Our finances won't allow for lots of things... like family vacations. Don't get me wrong. We own a lot of real estate and when we are in our fifties we will cash out and probably be very comfortable.
However, our children will be grown and it will be too late to raise them on a mini-farm and do family vacations because of all their different schedules. At least... maybe we will have enough money to give our children so that they can afford to do things while their children are young! Sometimes it seems that those who work the hardest have  less than people who never did and never will. Daniel worked so hard to get a masters degree in Engineering only to find that it pays very little adn is very difficult to find a job in. He works all the time now, only to have to spend every dime he makes just on living and fixing rental properties. We don't save anything because we can't.  I don't go shopping for clothes, because I can't. No matter how frugal I try to be, it makes no difference. Not exactly the life we dreamed of before we got married! We dreamed of living on a mini-farm in a farmhouse with our 8 kids, having a home business that they could be part of and pouring our lives into our family and serving others on mission trips with our kids. There is no money for any of it. To be honest, We can't even afford to have anymore kids. These were all of my thoughts earlier today, and all of it may very well be true, but here is what I do have!

4 Healthy kids
An adequate house (interior anyway)
A cute kitten
great extended family
The ability to homeschool
Great friends
the ability for my 3 oldest kids to swim.
A God who loves me beyond measure!

And the List could go on........

Thank You God for all that you HAVE given me!

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