Sunday, September 04, 2011

Summer Swimming 2011

Our Little Swimmers!
           In August of 2010,  The Christiansburg Aquatic Center had it's grand opening here in the New River Valley, boasting an olympic sized, indoor competition pool only 5 mins from our house! We watched (rather impatiently) as the town took about 2 years building the place. Everytime we drove by, the boys begged for swimming lessons. We kept telling them, "no we aren't going to drive to Blacksburg for swimming lessons. You will have to wait until they open the new Aquatic Center".  The place finally opened and Daniel and I quickly got the boys involved in swimming. We loved the fact that swimming was a very useful, individual sport that would teach the boys discipline and hard work! Both were qualities we felt we were struggling to teach them since we lived in the middle of town and didn't have much of yard. They took lessons for several months before joining the H2okie Swim Club last Fall.  
         In addition, the boys greatly enjoyed swimming for the "Christiansburg Aquatic Center - Blue Fins" in the Southwest VA swim league this summer. They had practice 5 mornings a week and worked so hard to place in the Championship at the end of the season. Their hard work paid off. Isaac placed 2nd in the 25 yd. backstroke for the U8 boys division and James placed 2nd in the 25 yd Freestyle for the U6 boys. James also got 1st place by a long shot in the 25 yd. backstroke. However, much to his disappointment, the officials disqualified him for turning his shoulders just before he touched the wall:-(.  He was so excited about his big accomplishment and then we had to break the news to him that he was "DQ'ed".  I was so sad for him! I knew just how hard he had worked! Regardless, The boys had a blast swimming for the Blue Fins and that is all that matters. The team placed 3rd overall at the championship which was huge since this was the first season for the Christiansburg Aquatic Center to even have a team in the SWVSL. I really enjoyed taking the boys to all the practices and so did the girls. Grace got to swim with her friend Charis every morning while Charis' mom and I took turns working out in the gym and watching the girls. I loved how tired all my babies were when we returned home from swim practice:-)

Christiansburg Aquatic Center Blue Fin's Team Picture

Isaac and James were blessed to have Bill Beecher as their Head
coach. Coach Beecher has more than 30 yrs. experience coaching
swimming in the New River Valley. He was a great example
to the boys and taught them to work hard! They were also
coached by a young new swim coach "Seth Donnelly"
(not pictured) who they really liked. 

The boy's good friend Annalia (Charis' big sister) from our church
was also on the team. She and Isaac are
only 2 wks apart and they made friends very quickly
 after we moved back to C-burg in 2008.

The boys got to compete at an outdoor meet for the first time,
I thought it was really neat! 

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