Monday, January 30, 2012

Dave Ramsey ~ Part 2

Hello Everyone! I decided it was time for an update. We have been very busy lately. After many years of asking (okay I will admit to... horribly nagging) my husband to start applying Dave Ramsey's principals to not only our personal life but also to our real estate business. He is finally on board! We are starting Financial Peace University classes this coming Wednesday! I am very excited that we are now together on this. A little background info...Daniel and I will both turn 29 this year and we have 4 kids,  our oldest will turn 8 soon. Yes, we are quickly approaching 30 and have only 10 years until our boys graduate high school. For years (since Daniel lost his job in Bluefield in early 2008) our finances had been a source of contention between us and we wanted that to change! It is so hard to know what costs to cut out when you have an established family because lets face it, you want to give your children the very best childhood, You want to take them on a beach vacation every year and make memories with them. You want to get them involved in activities that interest or benefit them and those activities always cost money! You look at them and feel distressed/guilty knowing you aren't putting back money for their college/future.
We have been listening to Dave Ramsey's radio program for a long time now and also read one of his books together, so we are already applying his principals as much as we can. If you are familiar with Dave Ramsey's 7 baby far, we have made it to baby step 2 and will be there for quite some time! Frustrating... I am currently doing childcare (which is difficult in addition to my 4 kids under 7!) to earn extra money to pay off all of our debt and Daniel is working overtime at work on top of our real estate business responsibilities. We are both overwhelmed and exhausted! We are looking at possibly years of being on Dave Ramsey's baby step 2 at our current rate of progress. More background info... we got into this position because in 2007 we moved to Bluefield to accept a job that did not work out for Daniel and due to the economic downfall of the construction industry, he ended up jobless for 3 years. That single move was the worst financial/career decision we could have made. Definitely not smart but as they say...hindsight vision is always 20/20! Daniel did well to sign us up for real estate classes and start our real estate business while I was busy taking care of our 4 kids under age 5 in order to support us during that time. Though we racked up a lot of debt, we made it and still managed to keep our house! Okay, now fast forward to 2012. By the grace of God, As of May 2011, Daniel got another Engineering job that pays our bills but leaves us barely anything to save which is why are having to do so many other things on top of his full-time job in order to make any progress. It is very easy for us to get so exhausted that we end up losing heart and feeling like we will never have anything. This has been very hard on us and also on our kids.  We have not been able to afford a family beach vacation in several years among many other activities and music lessons our kids have asked for.  We are praying for strength and joy and the will power to not give up! Please don't be offended if we say no to certain events/activities... We are overwhelmed and aren't willing to drive nearly as much due to the high cost of gas. We love you but we love Isaac, James, Grace, and Mercy more! We want the very best for them. We also want to move them to some land and adopt an orphan into our family one day. On a lighter note...Our shower leaked and we got a few thousand dollars from the insurance to do the repairs. We elected to do only the very necessary repairs, including the treacherous job of doing all the painting and tile kitchen floor ourselves! We have decided to use any leftover insurance money to put towards business debt. God is good!  Since we aren't concerned about what people think of us, I have decided to openly blog about our financial journey and share our own personal stories in hopes of helping others.

"Nothing will work unless you do" John Wooden