Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daddy is on the road to become a P.E.!

We found out a couple of weeks ago that Daniel was approved to sit for the P.E. exam (licensed professional engineer). I am so proud of him! This has not been an easy time for us since hearing this news because he has had to study ALOT. This weekend is the first of 4 weekends that he is spending in Richmond to take a class that will help him prepare for the exam. I decided that on all of these weekends, we will focus on the good and make memories together instead of being sad or overwhelmed because he is gone! Today was super cold so we all decided on soup and homemade muffins for dinner followed by a game night!  

Yes, I actually do sit my crock pot on the table sometimes:-) 
Aren't James and Grace looking so much older? I love having a boy and
girl 19 months apart:-) 
James's favorite wheat banana chocolate muffins:-) my flash made them
look really light colored but they weren't. 

We are super informal! With this many young kids I am just thankful to get
dinner on the table every night for now! 

Beefy zuchini soup, the kids actually like it! Even Mercy
ate all of hers tonight which surprised me. 

I kept hearing Mercy sing but couldn't see her,
a hiding singer!

This is what we did after dinner.

I love playing games now that the kids are old
enough to really appreciate it. We had so much fun! 


Anonymous said...

food looks delish. You must share your recipe on both.

Lindsay Rich said...

Sure! do you mind if I ask who this is?