Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Little Progress! Dave Ramsey ~ Part 3

We attended our very first Financial Peace University class tonight. We really enjoyed it! It was held at a church in our area and there were all different ages of couples from many different walks of life. We look forward to developing relationships with the couples there as well as spending time with the Barkers, some good friends from our church whom we convinced to take the class with us:-).
    Okay, now for an update on our progress. Since we decided only to do the minimum repairs to our damaged house with our insurance settlement. We were able to cut up and pay off our smallest business credit card. Yeah! What a tremendous blessing to get that little boost! That is one less debt we have to stress about now! Side note: We do not recommend starting a business if you do not have the cash/capital to do so! I have no doubt that as good as Daniel was at figuring out how to jump through multiple hoops to claim properties dirt cheap and work out deals. He could have been very successful had he had some money to get started with and another reliable income to feed us while the business was in it's first few years of operation. He was unable to invest back into the business because it took every penny he made to support us.  Things eventually got better for us but in the beginnings of our business, we lived a scary life.  I panicked every time I saw a work truck near our home for fear that one of our utilities was being shut off...and there were times that was the case. Time was also a constraint, I could only bear being stuck in the house with 4 kids 5 and under for so long and Daniel often had to forgo working very late nights in order to come home and relieve me. We were both exhausted 24/7 but our 4 kids were worth it and we knew it! Dave Ramsey says to plan your finances around your life, not your life around your finances! We have never regretted having our kids young in spite of our difficulties. Lord willing, when they are adults they will have parents young enough to be a great help to them for many years while they are building their own homes/families! I will leave you with this quote.

 "Always Put forth the effort, even when the odds are against you"  Arnold Palmer 

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