Thursday, February 02, 2012

Isaac's 7th Birthday

  I am so behind on blogging that I am occasionally going to do a little backtracking. Hence the following post that I should have written in May!

        I absolutely love birthdays, always have! I am unfortunate to have a December 20th birthday... yeah, 5 days before Christmas! No matter, I have so much fun trying to make our kid's birthdays memorable for them. I love to throw a birthday bash and invite their friends. However, due to the expense of throwing a  birthday bash, Daniel and I decided a few years ago that we would only throw our children a birthday bash that their friends can come to every other year beginning at age 4.
That way they get a party on every even numbered birthday and no more birthday bash money spent on babies and toddlers who don't appreciate it! So far, this has worked very well for us and the children know exactly what years they can expect to have a birthday bash. On their odd numbered birthdays, we still celebrate with family and just 1 friend of their choice. Isaac turned 7 on May 8,  2011 and his friend choice was Annalia Hash. They have been very good friends since they were 4! I made cupcakes and arranged to meet the Hash's at the Aquatic Center for a morning of playing in the pool. Daniel was able to come on his lunch break and bring pizza so we could have a small celebration on the patio. This was a very special day for Isaac, especially since Rich Academy has a “no school policy” on birthdays:-).  
The Birthday Boy! 
Grace with her beloved friend Charis (Grace pronounces her name Ka-Weese:-)
Us with our beloved birthday boy! 
We had Isaac's favorite pizza, Papa John's! 

We love you so much Isaac and are so proud to have you as our first born! We know that God has great plans for you! You are a joy to not only us but to everyone who knows you! Your bright eyes and joy are contagious! You truly live out the meaning of your name "laughter"... Only God knew! 

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