Saturday, February 11, 2012

Real Life Love Stories

           With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I have decided to feature a category titled "Real Life Love Stories" on this blog featuring the love stories of my siblings and I. You will find all 3 of our love stories in this new category to the right of the blog. I know there are several young single girls that read this blog who are still waiting on their "Real Life Love Story" to unfold. I have been able to personally share my love story with some of them and I commend them for choosing not to follow the world's way of "casual dating and dumping" with no commitment involved! I hope this new feature on the blog will be a great encouragement to you! The Lord blessed my two siblings and I with amazing, Godly spouses even though we were all homeschooled and had no idea where we would meet someone:-). That said, no love story is perfect and we all experienced challenges along the way, but the 3 of us will tell you that there is nothing like being married to the spouses that God chose for us! We did not have perfect parents (who does?!), but we were blessed to have Godly parents who were always willing to listen to us and pray for us through our many tears and triumphs. They also gave us the priceless gift of accepting and loving our choices for mates unconditionally long before we married them and we all love them for that!
        All of our love stories are very different and unique,  For example, God brought my husband into my life much younger than I expected...14 to be exact! On the contrary, my older brother Josh had to remain pure, faithful and single until he was 26 before God brought his beautiful bride into his life...much older than he expected to be! My younger sister Lauren struggled with doubts about whether her relationship was of God. I hope you are blessed through reading our Real Life Love Stories!
 (oldest to youngest) Josh & Paola, Daniel & Lindsay, Michael & Lauren


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