Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day At The Circus

Our family has been stressed lately, really stressed! There is just so much that needs to be done and not enough time to do it all. Today, Daniel and I were talking about how we couldn't remember the last time we took our whole family to do anything fun together so we decided to forget Dave Ramsey and the P.E. exam for the day and go to the "Piccadilly Circus" at the Salem Civic Center. The smiles on the kid's faces were priceless! The boys did not ask us to buy or do anything that cost money. They have finally learned! It was a joy to take them. Isaac kept saying over and over. This is such a treat! That made it worth it all:-). We had such a great time! 

Mini petting zoo
We arrived early to be sure that the kids would get great seats,
it worked!

Grace enjoying the popcorn:-)

So proud of these boys! They were so grateful to be there!

Mercy was so good and so in awe over the whole thing:-)
Mercy just loved these elephants! 

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