Monday, April 09, 2012

Family Picnic on the River

God has really answered some prayers for us this week! Since Saturday I have gradually gotten better and better! I have been able to cut my medication in half. I never expected to start feeling better so soon. I know it is the prayers of so many of you and I want to thank you! I have never been so overwhelmed by prayers and offers of meals and help with the kids by those of you who already have young kids of your own. How can I say thank you? I feel that God has really blessed us with such a gift of community and family here in Christiansburg. I can't wait until I am fully better and able to make meals and babysit for some of you again! Our kids miss having their friends over to play! I was able to go on a family picnic and hike several miles with my family on Saturday. I love the outdoors and it was soooo good to be able to get out! 

Doesn't Rachel look like she could be my little sister? I love this
17 year old! 

Newest family picture with all 7 of us in it! 

We took a hike and had fun climbing tree's

Isaac at the bird watch

Mercy loves to swing!

We love our oldest son!

Playing Soccer,  Rachel is quite an athlete!

Tuckered out after the picnic, we ended up staying all day long!

Another tuckered out daughter!

Rachel and Grace while Daddy read the Resurrection Story

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