Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day!

Mercy holding back the forces!

Daniel wanted to do away with new clothes, easter baskets,
eggs and candy for Easter this year and focus
on the true reason to celebrate. I was disappointed
about the egg dying part but I am thankful to have
a husband who finds audio books to listen to
on his own and studies about the decisions
he wants to make for our family without me
encouraging him to do so. He made these
wooden crosses for the kids to paint and hide
instead. I think the kids enjoyed this more!

I was able to help the kids make resurrection rolls for our
 special dinner. We used a marshmallow to
represent Jesus's body, butter and cinnamon to anoint
Jesus' body. We wrapped Jesus body in cresent roll
dough to represent the tomb. It made such a great opportunity
to tell the kids the Easter story as we made them!

As the rolls bake, the marshmallow, butter and spices melt
into the rolls and you are left with a empty, hollow
tomb to signify that Jesus is no longer there
but has risen! The empty tombs were so tasty!

Our Special Dinner, Yummy steak (bought in bulk for
$3.50 per/lb!). Rachel, Grace and I made MawMaw's
famous sweet potato casserole, The kids
made the rolls, Rachel did the csar salad
and Daniel marinated and grilled the steaks
to perfection,  They were
the best steaks ever! 

A table full of smiles! The kids wanted to set an extra
place for Jesus:-). I love how our family is starting to really fill
up a table!

Daddy hiding crosses

Grace hunting crosses

Daddy was REALLY into this cross hunting game:-)

The kids with our sweet Rachel

We celebrated Dave Ramsey style,  everyone wore old clothes :-)
Worked out great since Daniel no longer wanted to do new clothes
 at Easter anyway!  :-)

*Please be in prayer for the Smith Family. Some of you may remember my friend Noel who was a bridesmaid in our wedding. Her parents have 7 biological children, have adopted 2 from Ghana and are in the process of adopting their 10th child also from the same orphanage in Ghana! You can read their incredible story HERE! 

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