Monday, April 02, 2012

Nausea/vomiting ~ Oh how I hate you!

Today I am exactly 8 wks and 1 day along in my pregnancy and as you can tell. I am right in the middle of morning sickness. There are no words to describe how miserable it is. I never feel good, ever.  I can't fully enjoy anything. I can't eat anything without being afraid it will come back up. I thought I might keep track of how it has been this time so I can look back and see when I improved. My sickness started at exactly 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant (a few days sooner than it has in the past). I went on generic zofran and phenergan immediatly. 4 mg per day of zofran and phenergan at night. Vomited off and on during week 6. At the end of week 6 and beginning of week 7, I had a spell of out of control vomiting. I called my nurse and got permission to double my dosage to 8mg and use a dissolvable pill. This seemed to get me back under control. End of week 7 and beginning of week 8, Had another spell of out of control vomiting. This time there was nothing we could do. My dissolvable zofran wouldn't work, I vomited anyway and just had to fight with everything I had to nibble on saltines and sip powerade to stay out of the hospital. It is now the following Monday and I am feeling very sick but have managed not to vomit any today. Praise God! Daniel really wants more kids but I am questioning my body's ability to go through this again!


Amanda Joy Swift said...

Wow. so sorry for u, so thankful u have help with kids/household. What can I do for u?

Lindsay Rich said...

Thanks Amanda! There is really nothing you can do. I am so thankful that we have help! I am doing a little better today. Still very weak and tired but no throwing up today!

Allison said...

Praying Lindsey. I pray strength to your body and a hormone change so that you can enjoy life again. Love you!