Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

Daniel is finally going to take the P.E. exam early tomorrow morning. If only you could see what he has been through since getting approved in February to prepare for it! We have basically had no time together as a couple since. It has been a huge sacrifice for both of us. Our 9th anniversary is around the corner and we are going to spend some time together! Daniel really deserves a trip after going through this but we aren't going anywhere this year due to financial reasons. We are going to pretend that we are out of town though and spend 2 full days (3 nights) together and make it a very special time:-). I will be 16 weeks and should be completely well by then. We can hardly wait! I am going to pack us a good picnic and we are going to rent a canoe for one of the days and then hike Dragons tooth on the other day. Please be praying for Daniel that the exam would go well and that he will pass. He has not been feeling well so also pray that he would feel good and be able to think clearly tomorrow. Passing this exam will open up many job possibilities for him and should also end our financial struggles within the next few years! We have so much to look forward to. All of the kids are growing up so fast. Isaac is getting ready to turn 8 and will soon be old enough to babysit, according to Rachel, that alone will drastically change our lives! We are so excited about welcoming a 5th child into our family and God is continually taking care of us and every little detail that matters to us. Thank You Lord! If you could also pray for me as well. After having a phenomenal weekend, I have been in bed very sick all week. Today it has been exactly 4 weeks since I got sick. Its been rough, I hate laying in bed waiting to throw up but I know I can do this for our child through Christ who gives me strength! We will see baby Rich for the first time on Tuesday! So excited!


Deborah said...

I hope that the sweet husband and the new baby are both well, and that Mama can get some rest. You are in my prayers tonight.
I love you. God DOES meet ALL our needs.

Lindsay Rich said...

Thank You Deborah! You are so right! Its amazing how all things turn out good when we are in His will and focused on Him!