Monday, April 30, 2012

Tomorrow is the day...

Please be praying for us. Our ultrasound is at 10:15am tomorrow morning and will be evaluated by a 2nd Doctor. It will be good to have another opinion and we can hardly wait! Many of you have asked how we are feeling about the ultrasound. Our hope is that they will find two healthy babies in there! If not, we trust God and know that His plans are to prosper us. I guess a part of us would love to have two because my pregnancies are so horrific. I will explain. Unlike most women, I can't just get pregnant and go on with my life. All of my pregnancies are pure torture and debilitating for a couple months! Each time I think, this time will be different, I will continue to function in spite of how I feel. The extreme nausea and vomiting just knocks me flat on my back each time. I am normally a very active person but there were times after vomiting several times in a row that I didn't know if I would have the strength to walk from the bed to the toilet one more time. Sometimes, I just had to lay in the floor right outside the bathroom door. The nausea was so strong on many days that I couldn't enjoy a book or watching anything on tv while laying in bed. Those couple months seem like forever when you are in that kind of shape. Sometimes, I would get depressed and just cry until I couldn't anymore, pleading with God to heal me and enable me to function and enjoy life. I couldn't even remember what it had been like to eat a meal and it actually taste good with no fear of it coming back up. I have not once been able to eat my favorite food, ice cream! Our bedroom is located directly next to our staircase and it was difficult to rest during the day because it sounded like a war going on right outside my door with 4 kids pounding up and down the stairs. That being the only way for them to get upstairs made it an impossible problem to fix. That said, I have been through this so many times that it is hard for me to be as happy as I should be when I find out I am pregnant. As much as I want the baby and a big family, I have a hard time processing the news knowing what I am about to go through. How awesome it would be for us to get two children out of one pregnancy! I will say that I am starting to get better, I have now gone 3 days with no vomiting!

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Anonymous said...

Hope today goes well for you :>)

J Morris