Thursday, April 05, 2012

What to do when the unexpected happens ~ Dave Ramsey part 6

So I have to be honest. Daniel and I did not plan this baby. We wanted to have more children but wanted to wait at least another year. I remained in a state of shock and disbelief for several hours after taking the test before telling anyone at all about this pregnancy. I was excited with my childcare job and Daniel working overtime that we were actually getting somewhere financially in spite of having such a big established family (yes, I did think 4 kids was a big family). I cried thinking about how sick I would get, how I would have to quit my childcare job and how we wouldn't be covered by insurance due to taking out a new policy 4 months before. I sat up late into the night studying my Natural Family Planning textbook, doing research on the internet and going over my NFP charts to see how I had miscalculated. I realized that we were just blessed to be a REALLY fertile couple (7 pregnancies in less than 9 yrs ha!). I had relayed the news to Daniel who was in Richmond that evening via skype. I couldn't find the words to tell him, so I held up the positive test in front of the computer screen until he figured it out. He was shocked and needed time to process it. I had already processed it and was quite upset. We cut our conversation short because he was in shock and I was so upset. He called me on the way home from Richmond the next day saying that it had been on his mind constantly and by that point he too was also upset about it and everything the pregnancy would mean for us. Following this conversation, I finally got my head together and flew into action. I called the baby boy's mother that I was babysitting and told her she needed to find someone else as quickly as possible. I looked up my very best freezer meal recipes and made a huge grocery list that included lots of disposable pans. For one whole week I went crazy cooking up 12-13 meals for Daniel and the kids. Knowing I only had a few more days before the horrible sickness would hit, I spent as much time with the kids as I could. We enjoyed the warm weather, I took them to several parks and stayed as long they wanted. At exactly 5 wks and 4 days into my pregnancy, I began to get sick. It got worse and worse until the weekend and I finally had to call my doctor and ask for medication. I decided to send off an e-mail to our friends (The Rooses') and tell them the news ( they had mentioned after our 4th child that if I got pregnant again they would love to send one of their daughters to live with us). I got an e-mail back saying that Mrs. Roose was also pregnant, exact same week and day along as me! I assumed there was no way they could spare one of their older girls. Later in the week, I got another e-mail saying that their 3rd child Rachel would love to come but they would have to do some major rearranging of her schedule to make this happen since she was involved in so many activities. I waited to hear back and finally Daniel talked to Mr. Roose on the phone and he said they were going to send Rachel for 6 whole weeks and that she was thrilled to have the opportunity to serve and learn! I was ecstatic and knew that God was watching out for us and that He is the one who gave us this baby. I thought of Jeremiah 29:11 and how Gods plans were to prosper us and not to harm us. We hadn't done anything wrong, we conceived a baby within our marriage just like God designed us to. It was all part of His plan and I had been treating the whole situation like we had made a terrible mistake and were about to experience the wrath of God! Needless to say, I feel silly now at my reaction to the whole thing. I don't know how God is going to provide for this baby but I do know that He will. Finances are way tighter right now that we would like them to be with Daniel not able to get in nearly as many hours at work due to studying for his P.E. and we don't yet have the money to pay for this baby, but we are trusting God and trying not to stress about it. With all of the above, our plan to get completely out of debt Dave Ramsey style and move our family onto some land is on hold right now. We are still attending our Dave Ramsey classes and learning all we can. We are praying like crazy that Daniel will pass his upcoming P.E. exam and get a hefty raise at work. I look at Isaac and James everyday and think about how they will graduate high school in just 10 years and how much I wanted to be settled in a place they could grow up and come home to visit one day. I used to love to watch the Walton's on tv and just loved their family and the family farmhouse, I wanted to re-create that with our family! For now, I have had to fully place that dream in Gods hands, there is nothing I can do to make it happen. Maybe it won't, but I do know that God has a plan for us and that if we continue to follow Him and His ways, that He WILL prosper us! We already love baby Rich with all our hearts and can't wait to meet him/ her! God's timing is ALWAYS perfect and we can't wait to watch His plans unfold for baby Rich and our family!

Here are a few more money saving tips that have really helped us out lately:

1. Stretching a tank of gas to last us 2 weeks (yes it's difficult for a family our size and we can't just go wherever we want.

2. Buying ALL our meat (beef,chicken ect.) in bulk directly from a farm and none at all at grocery stores anymore. This is wayyy cheaper for us as we have been getting good grass fed organic meat (even steaks) for less than $3.50 per pound!

3. Selling things we don't need on Craigslist and putting the money into a "baby" envelope.

4. Always having an economical meal plan made (Rachel has taken this over) and not eating out more than once a week. We can feed our whole family at Southwest Moe's after church on Sunday for less than $15 thanks to the 99 cent kids meals on Sundays!

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