Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Awana Award Ceremony 2012

We enjoyed watching Isaac, James and Grace complete another great year in the Awana Program this evening. Isaac finished up his 5th year of Awana and last year of Sparks. He will be in Truth & Training next year. James finished up his 4th year of Awana and will do his 3rd year in Sparks next year. Grace completed her 2nd year of Awana and last year as a Cubbie. She will move up to Sparks next year. Little Mercy will start her first year of Awana as a Cubbie next year. Our kids love Awana and have memorized so much scripture and the books of the bible through the program. We are so thankful to Trinity Baptist Church and the staff there for pouring into them all these years! I have always been grateful to have been in Awana growing up at Floyd Springs Baptist and Daniel and I are so thrilled for our kids to now be part of Awana as well!

James is never too thrilled about singing (wonder where he got
that from:-) 

Isaac receiving his 3rd year Sparks award.

showing off their awards! 

We love these kids and are so pleased with them! 


Deborah said...

You are doing a fantastic job of joyfully raising your children to follow Christ. Keep up the good (hard) work. The rewards are eternal...

Lindsay Rich said...

Thanks Deborah! We certainly hope we are as blessed as you and Travis have been to have all of your children following Gods best for their lives! Such an awesome testimony to raise so many who love Him!