Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Isaac William turns 8 years old!

He wanted an ice cream cake so Rachel and I made Nana's
Calypso Pie. It was yummy! 

8 candles! 


Yay! New rollerblades, just what he wanted! 

So thrilled that he showered me with kisses! I love this boy!

Trying them out!
He loves his new HOKI sweatshirt from Nana and Pops. He also
loves this picture and said it was his favorite:-)
     Highlights of his day were eating Calypso Pie, James showing his brotherly love by giving him his 2 most favorite green hot wheel cars, opening up rollerblades and trying them out, finding a card from Pawpaw and Charlotte for him in the mailbox, the excitement of taking his booster out of his seat in the suburban to be used no more now that he is eight. Going to the mexican restaurant and being sang happy birthday in Spanish by 3 waiters who popped paper bags to make a loud noise that scared him, eating a fried tortilla with chocolate and ending the day with a sleepover with James and Grace on the new guest bed he has been begging to sleep on in the basement!

   Happy 8th Birthday! You are our first born and the child who made us parents. You are 8 years old today and these 8 years have been so much fun! Your favorite things to do are swimming, rollerblading, playing with James and Grace and going to church. You have really been getting into the worship lately and listening to the sermons. We are so pleased at your early desire to have a relationship with God. You are doing great in school and love to read. Sometimes you read half the night with your reading light and we can't get you out of bed in the mornings:-). Your favorite color is blue and has been for many years. You have such a joyful, bright countenance about you and sometimes I love to just stare into your bright blue eyes. You can't stand being alone and are such a people person. You make friends easily and have many of them but James is definitely your best friend. God definitely knew what he was doing giving you a brother just 15 months younger! The 2 of you are inseparable and can hardly stand to be away from each other. You no longer have a nap time so sometimes in the afternoon you come lay on my bed and talk to me about everything you can think of. Do you have any idea how much I love these times with you? Sometimes I don't get my own quiet time that day but it is so worth it! You are such a great big brother and set a wonderful example for your younger siblings. You are so excited about having a new little brother and today you talked to my belly in hopes that Elisha would hear you. You are a wonderful son. I love you with all my heart and I can't wait to see what God has planned for your life! Love, Mommy

    Isaac, You are our big son and getting bigger all the time!  Every time I look at you I just can't believe I have a son that big and that old!  I feel way too young to be a father of an 8 yr. old young man!  And a young man you are!  I am literally watching you turn from a baby into a boy and now into a man.  I am so pleased with you!  I greatly enjoy doing things with you such as building legos, jumping on the trampoline, swinging you on the tire swing, and watching you rollerblade!  I just wish I could spend even more time with you!  I love you with all my heart, Daddy

The night you were born 8 years ago.
We can't even describe the joy we felt! We just stared
at you for hours marveling at God's goodness to us
and pondering the fact that you were really ours!


Sarah said...

I love that you write letters to your children on their birthdays. I want to do that!

Lindsay Rich said...

Thanks! I hope I can keep it up!