Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Update

Oh my! Only 2 blog posts for the month of July! I didn't mean to get behind again but... life happens. We have had a good summer so far though things have been way different from last summer with me being pregnant. I am always hot, always tired, up all night peeing, sometimes nauseous and usually don't feel like doing much of anything! In spite of that, we have been able to enjoy our summer and hopefully I will be able to write and post pictures about some of our summer highlights soon.  I am now 25 weeks pregnant and I must say... this pregnancy has been one of my hardest. The nausea ended up going on until week 18 and still gives me trouble off and on. I have been exhausted and not nearly up to accomplishing the amount of work I am usually capable of. We have been in "survival mode" which simply means we are just doing our best to manage our home and children the best we can under these circumstances! I don't know that being pregnant while caring for/homeschooling 4 children under age 8 would be easy for anybody but I know that this is just a season and in spite of all the difficulty, Elisha is such a blessing and I feel so blessed to be adding a 3rd son to our family! The above picture is my first with all 5 children. I love them all so much! They are so worth going through 5 difficult pregancies! I thank God for each of them and would go through it all again for any one of them:-).

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