Thursday, August 30, 2012

On having faith in spite of disappointment.

I have something to admit. As happy as I am that we are having another baby, I have really had to fight  disappointment over a situation in my life. I so wanted a yard for my children before we had another baby. I dream of building bonfires with them, letting them set up their tent and sleep in it,  having picnics in the back yard and letting them play with balls without fear of hitting the neighbors car or Mercy running into the road. I would like to sit by their kiddie pool with them in a swim suit without being on display for the whole neighborhood because the only place to put the kiddie pool is in our driveway. I want to open the back door and sit on the deck without the roar of interestate 81 giving me a headache. Usually, I have the energy to load the children up and go elsewhere to have a good time with them but pregnancy is so confining I have to stay home all the time due to my lack of energy. Leaving the house includes packing up so much stuff, water bottles, snacks, Mercy's potty, balls, doing hair, shoes. You get the picture, I just can't do it. It isn't possible to just jump in the car and go with this many kids. Nursing a newborn and homeschooling also requires a ton of staying home which is why I wanted so much to be moved before we entered that season again. I don't do so well being trapped inside all the time and neither do the kids. We have wanted to move for years now but having a 5th child has really magnified that desire. Will you please pray with us that God will provide just the right place for our family and a way to afford it? Maybe even pray for air conditioning to go with it, especially in the schoolroom! Basically our dilemma is this, we can't afford a high mortgage payment and don't believe that is a wise thing to do for the financial future of our family. We have been searching for 2 years and basically you need cash to buy land with no residence or to take advantage of the really great affordable deals on bank owned properties around here. Cash that we don't have and may never have while our children are growing up and they are growing up fast! I am choosing to pray and believe God for a miracle. The kids have been praying about this for a long time too and I keep telling them that they have to have faith even when my own faith is weak at times.

Matthew 17:20

He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. "


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some Random August Highlights!

Daniel and I got a new nephew on the Rich side! Little
Kendon Matthew Graves! Born to Carly on
August 6, 2012. 

I got to make lots of meals with yummy fresh garden

Mercy potty trained in less than one week and has even stayed
dry overnight, such a blessing from the Lord during
this season of our lives!
Much to the kids delight, Kitty had 5 kittens on August 4th!
They are 1 week old in this pic. Free kitten anyone?

We enjoyed our silly kids! Grace age 5

James age 7
The kids got to go spend a week in GA with their
grandparents while I took time to prepare
for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year!
Aunt Paola took this awesome photo of my
parents with all their grandkids!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

James' 7th Birthday

Our Precious 2nd born son, James Daniel Rich turned 7 on August 14th 2012. I can't believe 7 years have gone by since I gave birth to this precious boy just 15 months after his older brother at the age of 21. James is a special blessing to our family and has brought us so much joy and laughter through the years! We may not have planned him but couldn't imagine life without him! He has always been so serious and intent on whatever he is doing.  At age 7, He is smart as a whip and tries his best to be a good boy and honor us. He is helpful with his younger sisters and such a good worker! What  blessing this brown eyed boy is to us!
James' favorite color is green and he wanted a green ice cream cake for
his birthday dessert. Thanks to pinterest, I was able to find the
perfect recipe using mint chocolate chip ice cream. James and I went
to Kroger alone together to get the stuff to make it
and then came home and had so much fun making it together.

It was so much fun! What special memories

He was so pleased with how it turned out! He picked out green
candles to go on top:-).

We had Nana and Pops come eat dinner with us for his birthday. We only
give our kids parties every other year on their even numbered birthdays.

James loves playing with an older boy at church, Caleb Hash
who is 11 years old. Caleb got James into lego ninjago's so that is what James
wanted for his birthday. Unfortunately I couldn't find the ninja he wanted
(Lloyd) but we did find him a ninjago set that he liked very much:-). 

Nana and Pops gave him a remote control truck similiar to the one
they gave Isaac for his 8th birthday. James loved it!

My toothless cutie!

The boys have enjoyed hours of entertainment with these!
   I know I tell you this all the time, but I am going to tell you again anyway because it is so true. You are such a good boy! You are a Godly young man. You are a hard worker and such a great help to me around the house and with your little sisters. You are your older brothers best friend and such a special, important part of this family. I may not have planned to have your 15 months after giving birth to Isaac buy boy did God know what He was doing when He blessed us with you! I look at you all the time and thank God for you. You are growing up so fast and looking at your toothless smile brings me so much joy! You are smart as can be for a 7 year old and a talented athlete. You won every event you swam in the summer league championship this year and your determination is so admirable. Your favorite color is green and you won the respect of the whole family by working for weeks to earn a green lego ninja that cost $9.99. You were so excited when I took you to imaginations toy store to get it only to be told they were sold out and a worker informed you that they would not be able to get anymore. You handled the situation like a man and never got upset even though you were so very disappointed. We came home and were dismayed to see that we could find still find Lloyd online for $16.99! You decided to earn the rest of the money to buy it online. When you earned $16.99 we got online to order it and were dismayed again to see that now the lowest price online was $18.99. You didn't give up but instead did more chores to earn the rest of the money you needed. You did it! You finally earned your green lego ninja, Lloyd. Can I just tell you how pleased your Mom and Dad were with you? It was so exciting when your ninja finally came in the mail! I love your determination James. Always be strong and determined to do all that you do as unto the Lord! I love you with all my heart James!  Love, Mommy