Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mercy Starts Pre-school!

I can't believe my baby girl started Pre-school today! It is so amazing how time flies! The picture below is of me pregnant with her exactly 3 years ago. Mercy had a great first day of Pre-school. She was so excited getting ready and felt so big. Daniel took her and she was full of excited jabber in the truck on the way. They got out and went inside and she suddenly wasn't sure about it and started clinging to Daniel's leg. Her teacher, Ms. Lisa got her distracted and Daniel slipped out. She did great and was so happy when she got home! This is Mercy's first independent activity and for some reason, despite how tiny she is in size, we see her as being much older now that she is officially Pre-school age! 

I love you with all my heart Mercy!
You define the words precious and sweet!

Pregnant with Mercy exactly 3
years ago with my friend


Megan said...

Lisa told me that Mercy and Ellie are best buds! Apparently they have figured out they they are the tiniest in the school and walk and hold hands together! How cute is that! So fun to see our girls together after being pregnant at the same time. :)

Lindsay Rich said...

Megan, that is so precious! Daniel told me how tiny Mercy looked compared to the other students. I'm so glad there is someone else as small as she is. She was in the 5th percentile for weight and 9th percentile for height at her last appointment. I guess Ellie must be about the same! I'm so glad they are friends!