Sunday, October 14, 2012

September Highlights

My wonderful husband threw me a surprise birthday party 3 months early! I wasn't just surprised, I was shocked! I have never had a surprise birthday party or much of any kind of birthday celebration with my birthday being only 5 days before Christmas, the busiest time of the year! I was beyond blessed and speechless:-). He even got the cake from my favorite ice cream place (Coldstone Creamery) and got the flavor that he knew I would love even though he doesn't like it himself (cookies and cream). He invited a few friends and our parents and asked them all to share a word of encouragement if they felt led. I was so blessed and trying not to get too emotional. I am convinced that I have the best friends and family a girl could have:-). What a special memories in the midst of one of the most difficult times of my life! 

Almost 8 months pregnant with Elisha! 

Nana attempting to cut my VERY frozen cake!

I love him so! 

My precious daughters enjoying the party snacks!

I really enjoyed the time to fellowship with some of my
wonderful friends,
Kimmy Bears and Peggy Coburn.

Family pic with my birthday balloons:-).
Family pic with our parents

The following afternoon we were blessed that both my parents were still in town to celebrate Mercy's baby dedication at our church. It had really been on my heart to do this with her since we had done something like this with our other children. It was so special. We prayed over her and the elders (and us) were able to speak blessings over her life.

This little girl can sure be silly! 
With Daddy:-)

kisses from grandpa

My beautiful 5 1/2 yr old girl!

James is so crazy about his Grandpa and cried when he left to
go back to GA!

We were so blessed that my mom was able to stay a week with us and helpout. She did something that I probably never would have gotten done...wash and switch all the kids clothes out from summer to Fall! Grandma is so good about going through everyones drawers and taking note of what they all need before she heads home to look for deals at consignment sales and outlet places. I hope she knows how much we appreciate this! Despite being sick with colds the first of the week, we were able to take the kids to Dixie Caverns on Friday for a homeschool fieldtrip. I would never have attempted this without her in this stage of my pregnancy. We had a great time and the kids were so interested and asked the tour guide lots of questions. We missed being able to do this trip with the homeschool group but it was such a blessing to have the tour guide almost to ourselves!

There were lots of stairs, we got quite the workout!

Mommy and her little cave bats:-)

Yay! Thanks to the tour guide Grandma did get to be in a couple pics!

We enjoyed looking through the gift shop and antique mall
before heading back. 

Grandma and the kids:-). 

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What a sweet surprise!! :):) You deserve it and much more!!