Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How we told the kids and grandparents...

You might imagine our shock when I gave birth to a girl instead of the boy we were expecting! We didn't tell anyone the night Susanna was born. We called Grandma and Grandpa Bradfield first thing the next morning and they were so shocked I had to tell them about 3 times! We then waited for Nana, Pops and our 4 other children to come to the hospital that morning and find out for themselves. It was all I could do not to laugh when they all walked in the door wearing the blue tee-shirts we had made together for them to wear to meet their baby brother. I was holding Susanna and as expected, no one suspected that it was not Elisha. I had them all gather on the right side of my hospital bed and told them I was going to show them something funny about Elisha. I then proceeded to remove Susanna's diaper and looked up to see the shock on all of their faces. What a moment! Everyone was shocked. I remember Nana looking at Daniel with shock on her face and said "Its a girl?? Why didn't you tell us?!". We then told everyone her name name and there was no diappointment. Everyone was thrilled with their baby sister! What special memories:-).

Susanna with big sister Grace and big brother James.
First photo of our 5 children together:-).
I love my 3 daughters!
First family photo as a family of 7!
The Rich women including Nana!

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