Thursday, November 01, 2012

October Highlights

October was a month of me just trying to survive my last month of pregnancy. I was/am very uncomfortable and needed lots of help in the house from Daniel, the kids, Nana and Pops and whoever else could help! Thank God for family! We don't really do Halloween at our house for 2 reasons. 1. Daniel and I don't really like the idea of this particular Holiday and choose to make a bigger deal our of Thanksgiving and Christmas being around the corner instead. 2.  I really don't like the idea of our kids coming home with loads of candy! The Rich kids get sugar so rarely that when they do, they are CRAZY and unbearable to be around! Costumes and Dress up are a year round activity for our kids anyway and we do plenty of other Fall activities when I am not pregnant! We do lots of playing in the leaves and usually visit a pumpkin patch and let the kids paint a pumpkin, though this year I was not up to visiting a patch so just Mercy went with her Pre-school. She had a great time! Thankfully the kids did each get to paint a pumpkin at the Blacksburg Farmers Market. Next Fall, we are praying and believing that we will be out on some land where we can enjoy plenty of Fall bonfires after dark and family games of flashlight tag:-).  Other October Highlights included Daddy and Grace going to the Father/Daughter date night at Chickfilet and to the mall to get her ears pierced! We decided when she was born that we didn't want to  make a big deal out of setting certain standards and ages for things like ear piercing and instead just wait for her to ask us. Well, at 5 1/2 she finally asked! She picked pink flower earrings and was just sooo cute when she got home!

On October 10th, we celebrated Daniels 29th birthday! He did not have his usual pecan pie or pumpkin spice cake because on September 30th he began a radical diet/ liver detox plan in an attempt to erradicate severe psoriasis covering 40% of his body, a skin disease that he has had since he was 7 years old. He instead had chocolate chip cookie bars and coconut milk ice cream that I tried my best to tailor to his new diet... more on that later. He is looking SOOO much better and has even managed to lose 30 lbs. in the process. I am so proud of him! Please excuse my awful looking hair in the pic below, I just recently had my friend Shannon cut it and thin it out and she did an amazing job! The haircut you see in the pic was done by me in August and lets just say, I probably won't try that again:-)

Happy 29th Birthday Sweetheart! You are such a gift
from God and I try not to take even 1 day with you for


NellJean said...

I've been sitting here after reading your latest posts, thinking about when Jan was born. I can't remember details, just Mildred saying later she didn't know what she would have done if her Aunt Audrey hadn't been nearby to help with the older children when she had to leave for the hospital.

There are always angels when you need them and they come in all disguises.

Mildred was such a great story-teller. Shortly before Jan was born, Paul was marrying a couple. Mildred was invited to the rehearsal dinner so of course she went to the rehearsal with Paul. The Director asked the Bride who would stand in for her. "Oh, I'll just do it mayself." Director was firm. Bride could not do that. "Oh, Mother can stand in for me, then." Again, Director explained that Mother had her own part to practice.

All eyes turned on Mildred. "I got up there, eight months pregnant and married that boy three times," she related. I can still hear her precious laughter.

Your family is precious. I can't imagine having five children. Your great-grandmother, my Auntee, had seven. She would be so proud of you.

Lindsay Rich said...

Thank you so much for sharing stories with me about MaMa Willis, i love these! I am blessed to have you following my blog! MaMa Willis was one of the most influential people in my life and not a day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her. Can't wait to see her again one day:-).