Monday, November 19, 2012

Susanna's Baby Shower

Some wonderful friends of mine decided to throw a baby shower/celebration for Susanna and I. It was so much fun just to celebrate her birth and share her birth story with everyone. They took the time to pray over us and share in our joy over a busy Thanksgiving week. Thank God for wonderful friends! It was great that Grandma was spending a week with us and got to be part of it.  Grace was thrilled that she got to be part of it as well and enjoyed handing me all the gifts to open. Little Susanna was blessed with lots of diapers, wipes and girly things!

Left to Right: Shannon Matyas, Becky Samuelson, Kimmy Bears, Kensie
and Cristen Semones, Shalene Massie, Eden Semones, Lindsey Pate
and Abby, myself, grandma and Grace, Allison Keys,
Erin Elam. Love these ladies! 

Half the heads are chopped off in this one but I had to include it
because my sweet friend Alison Semones who organized
the shower is on the bottom right hand corner! She was
the one taking the other pic:-). 


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