Saturday, November 17, 2012

Susanna's Visitors

Our children only have 1 living great-grandparent,
Ervin Rich (PawPaw) pictured above with wife Charlotte.
They came to see Susanna on her 1 week birthday.

PawPaw wanted a picture with all 5 children in order:-).

I forgot to get a picture of Susanna meeting
her Nana and Pops in the hospital
but I got one at the house when
they brought the kids home. I so
appreciated their help with the kids!

Daniel went to Knoxville to get Grandma Jan to stay with us
for a week. They got back very late but Susanna and I stayed up
 and waited. Here is Grandma getting her first look at Susanna!

My good friend Molly Hash gave birth to a baby girl (Sadie) just 4 months
ago. Isaac and Annalia had fun comparing their baby sisters during
the Hash's visit. Molly is a brave woman. She brought us a meal
and then offered to take all 4 of our older kids home with her in
addition to her own 4 kids. Our kids were thrilled! 

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