Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Hope that you all did too. We decided before Susanna was born that we would stay home this year and not go to GA since she would only be 2 weeks old and I would still be recovering. We invited both families here to celebrate and a co-worker of Daniels who brought his elderly father along. I forgot to take pictures of everyone who came but both sets of parents, Carly, Carter and Kendon were all able to come.  Josh, Paola and Julia were able to make the trip from GA as well. They were unsure whether they should come since Paola was on the tail end of a cold. Since she was 6 days into the cold and almost completely over it, I told them to come on. Unfortunately Josh woke up with a bad cold the morning after they arrived and everyone went behind him with a can of lysol or clorox wipes all weekend and confined him to one bathroom. Everyone was concerned about Susanna and forbid him to even sneeze in the house. It was hilarious watching him run outside to sneeze. Poor Josh! Everyone helped clean the house with bleach before they left and spray down the furniture and rooms with lysol. Praise God we were able to spend Thanksgiving with them AND Daniel was still able to return to work today with me and all 5 children well and happy! God is good! 
I didn't do hardly any cooking this year. Poor Grandma was up until 1:30am doing her portion of the cooking and mine. What would we do without family? What a blessing that Daniel and I have 2 wonderful families! Its something that I don't take for granted. 

We celebrated Mercy's birthday again with her grandparents and some of
her Aunts and Uncles.

Mercy trying on her pink coat from Nana!
Excited to get some handmade outfits from Grandma for her new
bitty twins!
Little Julia Hope! 11 months old.

My girls with cousin Julia
 We all went to a park on Friday since everyone was feeling cooped up and we don't have much of a yard. We had alot of fun! The guys all played football and the girls/ladies talked and played on the playground.

Beautiful Grace, going on 6 years old!

Isaac swinging oh so high!

Daniel being silly

Isaac airborne!
Since we won't get to see everyone again for Christmas, we went ahead
and exchanged Christmas gifts. 
The kids were SO excited to open their gifts!

Grandma and Grandpa were sad that they won't
see Susanna again until January and she will be
much bigger:-(. So hard to live so far from

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