Saturday, November 03, 2012

Waiting for Elisha...

My friend Erin convinced me last minute that we needed to get some pictures of me pregnant. I decided I might regret it one day if I didn't get some even though I was already 9 months preggo:-).

A very excited Mommy and Daddy!

Mommy and Mercy

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NellJean said...

You look wonderful. I know everybody is excited.

When I was pregnant with Gary, who was just a few months younger than Jackie's Kevin, at the doctor's office a woman asked me when my baby was due. He was overdue, very past time. She said, "Well, I wouldn't want my baby to be born today, it's the anniversary of President Kennedy's death." I thought to myself that I just needed for it to be over, who cared who died on this date? He was born the next day.
If you hang on 4 more days, Elisha and I will be birthday twins, 70 years apart. Maybe it will be tomorrow and he'll have his own birthday. Love, Jean.