Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Fun!

Grace has been blessed to get to go back to Cedarwood Pre-school temporarily while one of the other students is on a 3 month mission trip to Africa with his parents. They can take children up to age 6 and since she is only 5 it all worked out! This has been a huge blessing since I have so much on my plate right now with Susanna being so new. A couple of weeks ago we got to watch Grace and Mercy participate in the school Christmas Play. Grace was an angel and Mercy was a sheep. They were adorable!

Aunt Margaret came home from a 5 month mission trip to Hawaii and Cambodia. Here she is meeting her niece Susanna for the first time. We are so happy that she is back for a few months before going back!

Daniel took me out on a date for my 29th birthday and we had Kensie and her younger siblings Caleb and Cristen who are good friends of Isaac and James to come and here while we were gone. Isaac apparently had fun taking silly pictures with my camera! 


Cute pic he took of Mercy

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