Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Susanna's Newborn Shoot

Our friend Laura Swift from our church came over when Susanna was 1 week old to take some newborn photos of her. Here are a few of my favorites. I love that Susanna was still so fresh and new and still had her cord! Laura used the word LOVE in many of the photo's because she said in praying for us the Lord told her that Susanna was God's love letter to me. I couldn't agree more! 

Everyone knows I love bows! I just had to put one on her for her
her photo session. God is so good to give me babies with lots of hair
so I can enjoy putting bows on them! 
That is Nana's fur purse in the picture. 
I love this! Her feet are the V :-)

Susanna wrapped in the Afghan I made for her during the pregnancy,
Thank goodness I didn't put any blue in it:-).
Susanna in our special cradle that Daniels PawPaw Rich made
for him when he was a baby. 

Nana was staying with us and got to be in a couple of pictures. I think
this one is so good!
I love this photo of my 5 babies!

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Sarah B said...

You MADE that beautiful blanket?? I'm impressed!