Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And the roof trusses go up!

House ready for trusses and Isaac admiring the

Daddy and his girls watching the crane:-). 

Mercy is excited about the crane ball:-).

Kimmy and I got such a kick out of Mercy staring at the crane ball.
She was so intriqued by it that she just kept on and on staring at it.
It was so funny and precious! 

And the first truss goes up!

Kimmy and I trying to watch the action
and our 10 kids:-). 

Up, Up, and away! 

Isaac and Grace admiring the crane action. 

I left to run some errands and came back in time to see the last
truss go on. 

It looks so much more like a house with the trusses on!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random pics of life in the Townhouse.

I won't lie, living in a tiny townhouse with 7 people is tough! We are making it work as best we can despite everything being so hard to find, disorganized and a disaster most of the time because there is no room to keep anything. There are days we just want to scream because the kids quickly get bored with what few things we are able to keep in here and start fighting in the cramped space. We go out to the land as much as possible though because it gives us hope and reminds us that soon we will be living in the house of our dreams! We can't wait to have a meal together as a family at our table! That is something that Daniel has especially missed since we moved into the townhouse. Lord willing, the big move into the house is coming soon! Here are some good memories we have made:-)

We have continue to visit the nursing home each
month with a few friends. It is such a joy to us!
This is Ms. Betty loving on Susanna.  

This adorable girl is just so cute and funny now! 

Full of laughter! 

This is how we eat in the townhouse. We can get 5 around the table
and 2 people have to sit on wheat buckets. Usually it is Daniel
and I on the buckets. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Framing Continues!

Susie playing in the kitchen/dining area

Daniel and Pops working on our Great room.
I love this room!

View of house before roof trusses. 

Back of house

Back and side of house. 

Pops, Isaac and James playing football with Nathan and Luke. The kids
all love playing on the land with their friends! 

Our bedroom with 3 big windows. 

View of kid's rooms and laundry room being framed upstairs. 

The girl's room. 

Downstairs bathroom and walk in closet behind for
guest bedroom. 

Susie loves the Bear's family dog, Callie. We plan to get a dog as
well when life settles down and we feel we can handle it. 

James playing on the scaffolding

Susie playing in a toolbox. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Long Overdue Update!

Most afternoons I take the kids out to the land to run, get some fresh air and check out the progress on the house. I am behind on posting pictures so some of these were taken a few days ago but here they are! I will try to get some more tomorrow. My Dad ended up needing to leave on Sunday but we have forged on ahead and are excited that our 2nd floor is now being framed up. David King also came today to start backfilling our foundation and that will make everything look so much nicer! More pics to come...stay tuned! 

I usually sit Susanna on a quilt, though she is now so mobile that she
doesn't last long on it:-). Those are our roof trusses you see in the

So exciting to see the second floor going up! 
James and Mercy standing in our future bathroom:-). 

Placing the beam above our eating area. These beams are so heavy!

Could this 1 year old get any cuter? 

On top of the famous dirt pile with Susanna. The kids are so sad that
the dirt pile is quickly disappearing as it is used to backfill
our foundation. It has been so much fun for them.
Maybe we will have to create another one.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mercy turns 4 years old and Susanna turns 1 year old!

It is hard to believe that the 2 youngest members of our family are now 4 and 1. Susanna turned 1 on November 7th and Mercy turned 4 on November 14th. I got them each their own cake from Wades. Mercy's was white and purple with a horse on it (her special request) and Susanna's was pink and girly:-).  We kept the celebration as small as we could since we didn't have a house to throw a party in. We just went to Aly's restaurant in Rhiner to eat pizza with family members. Mercy wanted her good friend Finley to come so  we swung by the Elam's house and picked up Finley and his sister Elliana earlier in the day. Susanna could have cared less about it being her birthday but Mercy was so excited! I took iced sugar cookies to her pre-school and of course everyone at pre-school made her feel special. She was just beaming when I picked her up! Susanna got a little pink wagon for her birthday and Mercy got a beautiful Belle doll she had been wanting. My little girls are getting so big! I love my girls. They are so much fun and everything I dreamed having little girls would be like:-). 

The birthday girls!