Monday, February 18, 2013

Date with my favorite 7 year old!

Last week, Isaac went to spend a couple days with Nana and Pops so I jumped on the opportunity to have a date with James (aka Bubs). He was so precious. He had a hard time deciding where to eat but finally decided on Panera bread. We enjoyed tomato soup and a bakery treat for dinner and then went to his favorite store, Dicks Sporting Goods. We were not in a hurry and we stayed as long as he wanted. He looked at everything from guns to hunting/fishing gear, goggles, weights, bikes ect. and then he wanted to go punch on all the punching bags. 

Pretending to shoot! He will definitely want some kind of gun once we
get out on land. 

He has been our most energetic boy so far. He loves to run and punch
things! Lately we have been letting him run through the neighbors
backyards and back everyday. 

He loved the hunting tents and even talked me into
getting into one with him (See below). We had so much fun!

This boy will only be 7 once, praying that God will help me to redeem
the time and enjoy every moment with him in addition to training
him up to be a mighty man of God! 
I love you with all my heart James Daniel Rich and can't wait to see what God has in store for your precious life!


Susansweaters said...

Beautiful family!

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