Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Our Winter Visit To GA!

We don't make it to GA nearly as often as we would like but as some people say, quality is better than quantity! I had been saving money that I had received for my birthday to do a homeschool field trip to the GA aquarium in Atlanta and that was super fun! We studied Apologia's Zoology 2 textbook about ocean animals this year and this field trip was just perfect. My parents were able to go with us and because Margaret was in between mission trips, she also got to come! It was so fun having her with us and getting to spend some time with her. She enjoyed getting a taste of southern culture in Georgia and noted how much more laid back people live their lives. It is amazing how different the culture can be between states!  
Of course I couldn't go to Atlanta without making
a stop at the Cheesecake Factory! 

The whole gang in front of one of the beautiful tanks! 

The aquarium was so cool! 

My Dad gave us all a shooting lesson. He is a huge
gun freak and almost always carries one.

Me shooting a 9mm.

My older brother Josh and my sister-in-love Paola loving
on Susanna,  I think they made their daughter Julia

The 3 brothers, Daniel loves having brothers close in age. these 3
always have fun together. 

Beautiful Margaret!

Grandma slaved hard ib this huge platter
of pancakes, they were delicious!

Margaret helped us make a dirt cake, yum!

The excitement of going to GA always wears these boys
out. They always play so hard on my parents land!

Our adorable niece, Taylor Bailey.

Our cute nephew Joseph who thinks
Isaac and James are the greatest:-). He
is also fond of uncle Daniel. 

Grandpa and Mercy

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