Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One last party at our old house...

One of the things I loved most about our old house was the open floor plan enabling us to have people over and occasionally host showers or small group gatherings. The week before our move, I got to host my small group one last time. We threw a going away party for one of the moms in our group, Lindsay Pate. We were so sad to see Lindsey move away and not be part of our group anymore but we all enjoyed this night of fellowship with her! Her husband Ray is fresh out of residency and took a position as an ER doctor in Stuart, VA. I am excited for Lindsey and the opportunities that lie ahead for their family, and I look forward to visiting her in Stuart! 

I made my grandmother's chocolate
sheet cake recipe for the party.
It certainly didn't look professional
but several people went back
for seconds and that's all that
counts in my book!  I think
we have several chocoholics in
our group:-). 

Lindsey with her cake, I love all these ladies! 

Funny shot! I love Erin's pink pregnant

What a  blessed group of women! 

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