Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A day in the Camper

Today I used the nearby laundromat for the first time... I must say, it was quite an experience as well as   inconvenient and expensive! My heart goes out to people who have to use one all the time. I overheard various conversations regarding disappointment over a trailer park in Christiansburg being demolished by the town and met a woman who visits the laundromat everyday due to her 87 year old mother's incontinence. This lady was unselfish enough to take the time to show me the ropes of using the laundromat while her 87 year old mother sat outside the laundromat door in a lawn chair. 

Upon returning from the laundromat with my clothing only partially dried (it costs $0.25 per 5 mins of dryer time!), it was time for lunch. My sweet 7 year old created this message out of his little crackers. As you might have guessed, This mommy's heart melted:-)

After lunch it was quiet time. Isaac did his math lesson while Mercy rested on the other side of the dining booth and you can see where Susie had her nap! My goodness, the pack'n play takes up a lot of space in the camper!
 James read to Grace on the camper couch out of our new Apologia Science textbook. Did I mention that we love Apologia science? It is the best I have found to hold the interest of my 3 elementary students and a huge plus that we can all do it together!

I wish I could say that nap time was always this peaceful in the camper, but as you might guess with 5 children trying to rest in the same room, I often  deal with fighting siblings and a screaming baby during naptime:-).  When we are all in the camper, it can get loud and when the kids are up and about, the entire camper rocks, literally.

I also want to share a link to my good friend Sarah Breinich 's blog. We have gone to church and purchased raw milk together for quite some time. The Breinich family is doing the exact same thing we are doing except they are renovating a cool retro airstream camper to live in while building their permanent home and purchasing land further out in the country to start an organic farm. So cool to have friends doing the same thing as our family at the same time!

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Sarah Breinich said...

Let's hear it for being crazy people and doing things most others wouldn't even consider!! What an intense, but hopefully fun too, journey! Live it up! :-) Thanks for the blog mention, too!