Monday, June 10, 2013

I met the Duggar Family!!!

If I have ever had a favorite TV show, it is definitely TLC's 19 kids and counting! I so admire Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for truly living out what the bible say's about having children and allowing Him to plan their family size. I sometimes wish that I had more help and didn't have such tumultuous pregnancies so that I too could have a supersize family but apparently God has other plans for my life and I am ok with that:-). It was so fun to go to the VA homeschool convention this year with Daniel and baby Susanna (big thanks to Nana and Pops Rich for watching the oldest 4) and finally meet some modern day hero's of mine!

I met The little guys first and they were so cute! 
Jackson and Johanna Duggar
 The family was so nice to sign the book I bought for our kids. It was one of their favorite children's books "The Pinneapple Story". I had this book when I was a child and loved it.
John-David Duggar
 I got to talk to Jessa Duggar the most and she had lots of questions for me, She thought I looked really young to have 5 kids and that I just might have time to catch her mom! She is really beautiful in person.
Jessa Duggar

The Duggar family performing
 Michelle thought I might be young enough to catch her too and when I mentioned that I didn't have any twins, she reminded me that her good friend, Mrs. Bates had 19 single births! Jim Bob went to the bathroom so I didn't get to talk to him much but he did sign the kids' book and pose for a picture:-).  So fun meeting the Duggars', I am sure it will always be something to remember!
Michelle, myself and Jim Bob! 

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