Sunday, June 02, 2013

Rocking the Skinny Jeans

I remember when skinny jeans first came out. I thought they were the most ridiculous fad I had ever seen and thought for sure they wouldn't be around long. Boy was I wrong! They are everywhere and have been for several years! I ended up getting a couple cheap pairs for myself to wear with boots and my mom bought each of my girls a pair. I have seen lots of people in skinny jeans but Mercy rocks the skinny jeans like no one I have seen! Is she not the cutest? Her pre-school teachers just loved it when she wore her little skinny jeans. We all loved it! I am sad to say that she has now outgrown her adorable little pair of skinny jeans but before I packed them up, I just had to get a couple pictures of her in them so we can always remember:-). I love you Mercy and I will never forget how you looked in skinny jeans when you were 3! 

She is also wearing Isaac's Durango boots:-)

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