Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Fourth Of July 2013

We were blessed to make it to GA for the fourth of July this year! We don't make it down very often. I got to go in April to pick up the kids after my parents kept them the week we listed our house but Daniel had not been since January and he was very excited to make the trip! It was so neat that we got to be there for the Willis Family Reuinion. It has been tradition since my grandparents were alive for the family to gather at Aunt Libby's pool for a cookout on the 4th of July. It still seems strange to me not to have my grandparents at the family gatherings, MaMa Willis died in 2007 and PaPa Willis in 2011. They would be so thrilled to see all 41 members of their family serving the Lord with their lives! They prayed for each of us by name every night. I had not seen my cousin Kevin who is a General in the Air force nor my cousin Wendy who is a missionary in Southeast Asia in a very long time! It was so good to catch up and reminisce! :-)
35 members of the willis family! My cousin Kim just had a
baby and was not able to make it and my cousin Kevin's 2 sons
that attend West Point in NY were also not able to make it. 

This is my parents and their family. They are blessed with 9
grandchildren and still have more to come! Josh (back row) is the oldest
and he married Paola in 2009. They have 1 daughter, Julia. I am the
middle child. Lauren (middle row) is the youngest and she married Michael in
2006 and they have 3 children. Our kids are so blessed to all have cousins
close in age! Joseph (almost 6) gets so excited about their visits that he
can't stand it and has to call us before we get there:-).  

So proud of my Dad for losing 25lbs. since we last saw him! I love this
pic of Susanna in the 4th of July dress that Aunt Debbie bought her:-)

My Dad loves to annoy all 6 of his kids:-).

My cousins Kristin Gave my mom and I a Mary
Kay makeover at her beautiful apartment:-). I think it is
the most well decorated apartment I have ever seen! I
should have taken more pics. Oh, and congrats
to my mom for losing 10lbs!

These girls can sure get into some shenanigans at grandma's and just
like her mom, she never says a word about it:-). This is the brand
new sleeper sofa pulled out with 3 little girl cousins stuck in it:-)

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